Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY: Glitter Boots

One of my current obsessions is the glittered shoe trend that is popping up everywhere. My personal favorite are from MIU MIU. Not ready to shell out $500 for a pair of shoes I might wear only a few times a year, I decided I would make my own:) Now I might just live in these boots!!!! I Love,love,love them. I want a pair in every color!
I started out with a glue glitter mix.
I mixed quite a few different colors, so that the finished result didn't look like a flat color.
I Applied the mix to the shoe, Then I pat loose glitter on the top of the wet glue mixture. Filling in any spaces(you can kind of see the glue mix applied to the shoe in the pic)
I did this all over and when dry I used the remaining glue glitter mix and dabbed it over the glitter with the sponge applicator. Once this last layer dries, it will keep the glitter from falling and will leave a shine over the whole shoe. voila! done!

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  1. Fantastic blog! Brilliant post! Look forward to reading more from you!


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